Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Video Report - Why are we using a blog?

Why is the City using a blog for this project?

Find out by checking out the VIDEO REPORTS bar on the left, and watching the video being presented to the Planning Commission on Feb 26th (2 - Subdivisions Public Engagement).


dagny said...

Mr. Voight, I think you are doing some really great work here. Airing your video on channel 10 could really boost your visitors to this site and I believe it is free. Also, have you considered a webcam to record and stream both roundtable discussions and pertinent meetings? This would give people the opportunity to contribute from home watching a live meeting, and could be simultaneously digitally recorded and these meetings and discussions would then be available to the public to veiw when their schedules allow (also cheap if not completely free). You have really taken on quite a project here and you are doing some fantastic work. Thanks!

dagny said...

Also, when you start going out into the community and "setting up shop", I would suggest a table at the Farmers Market (when it opens).

Robert Voigt, Senior Planner said...

These are very good points, thank you. I am working on a few things as a result of your ideas.

1. I am upgrading the quality of the video presentation so that it can be used on CH 10.

2. I am adding two sections to the Blog to keep track of ideas for this project, such as the ones you came up with - kind of like the "parking lot" flip chart we usually see at meetings. One section will be for ideas related to the "how to" part of the project and the other will be the "what about" part for keeping track of issues we need to cover.