Thursday, April 17, 2008

To gauge community interest, and desire for certain design characteristics, staff developed a visual preference survey for the 2006 comprehensive update to the Design Guidelines and Regulations. That process resulted in more effective and streamlined site planning, and is making new developments streetscape oriented and pedestrian friendly.

For this project, we are developing another VPS, and would like your assistance. Please email images to showing subdivision characteristics that you like or dislike, with a short comment about each picture. Note that the images can be of any location; since we can adapt successful design solutions for our community, and learn lessons from examples of unfavorable designs.

I will be posting notices about where and when the surveys will be conducted in the coming weeks.

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Cliff said...

I found a story about your collaborative Web activities on the Whidbey News site. This is very exciting and I hope many other local govts adopt the practice. I hope it works for you because it's a great example for citizen-govt teamwork. I blogged it here:

Cliff Figallo