Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LID Integration

The integration of Low Impact Development (LID) techniques into the revised Subdivision Code has been one of the goals of this Project.  The City of Oak Harbor has had the benefit of being selected to participate with the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) to analyse its Municipal Code and identify opportunities and ways that LID techniques can be integrated into the Code.  This partnership is a significant advantage for the community; and the Subdivision Project is designed to align with the work being conducted as part of the PSP LID Project.

To achieve this, the Subdivision Project will incorporate a number of the PSP LID recommendations.  These will primarily be those that address large scale characteristics of development, such as:

1)  reducing the amount of impervious surface with new subdivisions; and,

2)  reducing site disturbance during and after construction.

The final draft materials from the PSP LID consultant have recently been received by the City. The next step is the review of these materials and determining the most appropriate changes, both for the PSP LID Project as well as the Subdivision Project, given the points mentioned above.

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