Friday, March 27, 2009

Walkway locations

The proposal staff will be discussing with the Planning Commission will suggest that walkways are required to:

1) enhance the network of sidewalks by providing more direct routes through neighborhoods; and,
2) provide direct pedestrian connections to adjacent uses and neighborhoods.

This second point is intended to create a more complex “net” of connections and options for pedestrians to move throughout the community.

By not treating pedestrians the same way as cars (and only providing walkways/sidewalks that follow the same routes as streets), with these two new kinds of pedestrian infrastructure concerns in the design of new subdivisions, people will have more options and direct access to uses and services in Oak Harbor.

One of the suggested standards is to require pedestrian walkways connecting to the edges of all new plats for all boundary sides that are over 400 ft in length (or the maximum length of a block).

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