Friday, April 24, 2009

Draft Code: Street Trees

The following is the draft Code being proposed for including Street Trees in Oak Harbor's new developments. This language will result in a significant change the way neighborhoods look and evolve. The addition of street trees will impact the way neighborhoods look and feel, and help with a variety of environmental impacts such as improving air quality and reducing stormwater impacts.

This new Code language will be part of the Design Standards Chapter; how/where it will fit within the revised Chapter still needs to be determined.

XXX.XX.XX1 Street Trees Required. Street trees shall be required along both sides of “Principal Arterials”, “Minor Arterials, 2-lane”, “Collectors with Bike Lanes”, and all “Local Residential” streets designated with the Transportation Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of the street trees is to improve the visual quality of the street, improve the pedestrian environment, and provide the environmental benefits of improved air quality, reduced stormwater impacts, and reduced heat-island effects associated with large paved areas.

XXX.XX.XX2 Street Trees Design. The following standards shall apply to the installation of street trees.
(1) Street trees of a species specified in table XX , shall be planted in the designated landscape strip within the public right-of-way, 30 feet on center along frontage for all divisions of land; on both sides of any public street;
(2) At the time of planting, all street trees shall be a species listed in Table XX “City of Oak harbor Acceptable Street Tree Species” or as otherwise approved by the Director.
(3) Species. The following table identifies tree species acceptable to the City of Oak Harbor.

Table XX. City of Oak Harbor Acceptable Street Tree Species (to be inserted in the OHMC)

XXX.XX.XX3 Street Tree Protection. To protect their function, define management responsibilities, and protect the health of the street trees, the following language shall be placed on face of the plat:
Street trees planted in the designated landscape strip along the frontage of all lots, as per the approved landscape plan associated with the residential plat of ___________, shall be maintained by the property owners of lots directly adjacent to the location of the street trees. The replacement of street trees for those that have died is the responsibility of the adjacent property owners. The location and tree species for replacement street trees must be in conformance with species allowed in Table XX. Or as approved by the Director and shall not obstruct the travel lane or parking stalls at full maturity.
If property owners do not maintain street trees, the City of Oak Harbor may choose to maintain these trees and invoice the adjacent property owner for the work.

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