Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fences and Ped Connections - Planning Commission Discussion

The Planning Commission discussed the important relationship of fences along pedestrian connections, and the need for their design to be addressed with the new Code.  These fences impact security and privacy for both the public areas of the walkways and the private areas of the neighboring residential yards.

If fences are too low they can have little effect in defining the private space; however, if they are too tall the walkway can become too confined to be comfortable for users (this also relates to the overall width of the walkway). 

Fence materials also impact the way that they "fit" in aesthetically with the neighborhood.  The new Code will restrict the use of chain link fencing, or plastic/vinyl slatted fencing for this reason.  

As with other common amenities within PRD's the Code will likely require that the Home Owner's Association maintain these facilities.  This is another reason why the Code is being written so that the landscaping of these pedestrian walkways can be easily maintained. 

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