Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome and Get Involved

You are invited to become engaged and help the City develop your community's new subdivision regulations. This blog, small group round table discussions, coffee house meetings, and other methods will be used to create an open dialog during this project (in addition to standard meeting and notice practices).

Check back here regularly to find:

  • up-to-date information;

  • report videos;

  • monthly poll questions;

  • discussion items;

  • meeting schedules; and

  • a variety of supporting documents and web links.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Hi thank you for this opportunity.
I have lived in Oak Harbor for almost 9 years now and in the period I have seen quit a few changes. Some for the better and others, well could have been better. Example: New subdivisions within city limes or annexation that back up to main thru ways, ie..whidbey ave. between Heller and Oak Harbor Road. The lack of attention to fencing and landscaping have left this area looking very shabby. The city should require the "developer" to fence along any main street so there is uniformity and that they establish landscaped areas where they have set backs and the homeowners maintain this through HOA dues and city must require that they keep this area maintained. We need to SHOW pride in our town. We live in a beautiful area lets not let new development destroy that, but rather enrich it.
Thank You