Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Streetscape Characteristics - "Cute Streets"

The phrase "cute streets" was first brought up during an early Planning Commission meeting, referring to pleasant residential streetscapes. These streetscapes were described as being superior and creating more livable neighborhoods. This shorthand phrase refers to streets in residential neighborhoods that have a number of common favorable characteristics, in terms of there built form and design, for example:

  • trees along the street;
  • sidewalks;
  • buildings that "address" the street with their windows and entrances;
  • narrower drive and parking lanes;
  • building facades that are not dominated by garages;
  • landscaping along the street; and,
  • access to parks, trails and/or open space from the street.
The same sentiment has been echoed to me a number of times during this project, by both the general public (at coffeehouse, and Rotary meetings); as well as, meetings with those involved in the business of developing residential neighborhoods (Realtors, and developers).

The Code changes resulting from the 10 areas of direction will combine to help the community achieve more livable "cute streets" with future subdivisions.

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