Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Landscape Buffers & Tracts

The Subdivision Code requires specific landscape buffers along some of the major streets in Oak Harbor. The purpose is defined in the Code:

"to minimize the impact of the arterial on the adjacent land uses and is not to allow access to individual parcels".

The aesthetic design of these landscaped areas has a significant impact on one's experience driving or walking through our community. The Code allows for a variety of design options; which has resulted in less than favorable continuity or quality of these corridors. The public, Planning Commission, Staff and City Council have dealt with these issues repeatedly.

As per item 1 on the list of recommended direction, staff will be refining the buffer/corridor design regulations to provide:

  • more continuity (while maintaining some flexibility for site differences);
  • better quality aesthetics;
  • better maintenance regulations; and,
  • a healthier urban forest.

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