Thursday, January 29, 2009

Online Stakeholder Engagement Update

One of the components of the community engagement strategy for this project is this blog site.  The blog has also been used as an innovative structure for the project itself; changing how information is gathered and presented; how stakeholders and staff can monitor the project; and, providing information on the blog to improve project accountability to readers.


This blog site has been providing up-to-date information relating to the project as would be found in a typical “file”. However it is made available to stakeholders 24 hrs a day, independent of their location, and also includes ways of tracking, researching and commenting on information not available with traditional methods. The City has also included online surveys, multi-media video reports, and video presentations on the blog as ways of improving communication throughout the Project. 

At the conclusion of the initial analysis phase of the Project City staff developed a second blog that detailed the findings ( This second blog was designed as a companion site to the first and has been equally successful in improving information transfer to stakeholders. The effectiveness of these approaches is significant when compared to historic experiences with standard public participation methods within Oak Harbor and other municipalities. 

The following statistics illustrate the success of these innovations in terms of public participation and improving access to project information.



  • Blog Launch Date: February 18, 2008 
  • Visits total: 1,032 
  • Visits Washington: 566 
  • Visits Regional: 277 
  • Visits Local: 202 
  • Returning Local Visits: 127 
  • Length of Visit Average: 2:32 
  • Length of Visit Average Local: 3:41 
  • Local Returning Visitors 
  • Average Length of Visit: 4:51 


  • Blog Launch Date: April 23, 2008 
  • Visits Total: 237 
  • Visits Washington: 158 
  • Visits Regional: 108 
  • Visits Local: 96 
  • Returning Local Visits: 76 
  • Length of Visit Average: 2:48 
  • Length of Visit Average Local: 3:47 
  • Local Returning Visitors 
  • Average Length of Visit: 3:15 


a) Subdiviion Intro, 

Length 0:34, 105 views; 

b) Subdivision Public Engagement, 

Length 2:40, 90 views; 

c) Subdivision Park Board Meeting March 10, 

Length 2:29, 95 views; 

d) Robert Voigt's Delayering Presentation to the Planning Commission, 

Length 22:15, 46 views; and, 

e) Subdivision Project Update, 

Length 17:41, 16 views. 

Total video views 352; with a potential total viewing time of 1941 min. or just over 32 hours.

The Status Report includes outlines of the stakeholder engagement results. 

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