Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Planning Commission Update

This past week the Planning Commission was reintroduced to the Subdivision Code Update Project, after not having this brought before them for many months.  This meeting essentially launched the next phase of the Project, the development of the Code amendment language to fulfill the project goals.

At the meeting, Development Services Director, Steve Powers gave the presentation to the Commission. The Commission members had a number of questions about the project, which were discussed. 

One of the goals of the meeting was to receive direction from the Commission on their  preference for reviewing the Code amendments (whether the code changes should be reviewed by subject matter or based on the Code structure, essentially from beginning to end).  The Commission decided that the most effective approach would be to review the Code amendments by subject (for example: open space, streets, buffers, etcetera).

Other topics discussed included:

  • review of the Project goal to improve the readability, and understandability, of the Code;
  • the timeliness of the Code update;
  • interest in requiring trails within new subdivisions and their importance to the community's liveability; and,
  • ensuring that issues of safety are considered with reduced street widths as will likely be proposed by the Code amendments.

To facilitate the fast paced schedule of this phase of the update, the proposed code updates will be posted on the blog for review in advance of the Planning Commission meeting.

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