Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stormwater Facilities

The poor aesthetic quality of stormwater ponds throughout developments will also be addressed by the Planning Commission; with the goal to improve visual character, and standardize requirements across all new subdivisions.

The suggested OHMC standards include:

  • set a priority to locate stormwater ponds adjacent to open space, tree retention tracts, etc. and away from residential lots
  • require landscape screening of stormwater ponds (with specific planting standards)
  • restrict the amount of screening, so that some visual access into the pond is provided for safety
  • restrict the use of eco-bloc in pond walls
  • require decorative concrete or natural stone in pond walls
  • require ponds designed with shallow slopes, or stepped, so that safety fencing is not required or only allow pond designs that would require a max. of two sides to have safety fencing (not completely enclosed)
  • restrict chain link fence with slats for screening
  • require some landscaping around all ponds (with specific standards, such as a 5’-10’ perimeter planting area)
  • maintenance requirements placed on the plat

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