Sunday, February 22, 2009

Street Trees

Rules for requiring street trees in new subdivisions is the next item for the Planning Commission to review.

The issue is the inconsistent look to Oak Harbor’s streets, poor visual characteristics; with the goal being the improvement of the visual character of neighborhoods, standardize requirements, improve the look and feel of residential streets.

Suggested code provisions:

  • require street trees in all new developments
  • trees planted every 25’/30’ along both sides of the street
  • deciduous 3” caliper trees of a species acceptable to the City (considering long term tree health, roots, utilities, tree size)
  • street trees planted outside of the right of way (ensuring compatibility with all City street sections)
  • trees maintained by the property owners
  • removed trees to be replaced accordingly
  • street tree maintenance/replacement responsibilities identified on the face of the plat

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