Thursday, April 30, 2009

Block Length - Planning Commission Discussion

One of the main issues that was discussed with the Planning Commission was developing standards for block length in new subdivisions.  This directly relates to the goals associated with pedestrian connectivity, aesthetics, and environmental impacts.  

The initial discussion was focusing on a maximum block length of 800 feet (many other communities have block length restrictions, with some as short as 400 to 500 feet). 

One of the proposed new Code provisions was requiring mid-block pedestrian connections for blocks over 800 feet. However, this could inadvertently result in many block much larger than 800 ft. just by using a mid-block pedestrian connection.  This would go against the intent of the regulation.  Therefore, a different approach will be developed to define new Code language which restricts block length to a maximum 800 feet with some specific exceptions and mitigation methods defined.

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