Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mid-block Connections - Planning Commission Discussion

One of the design solutions that has been "discovered" through the review of model codes is the use of mid-block pedestrian connections to improve walkability within a neighborhood. This is especially important where large development blocks are allowed; as these significantly increase walking distances even to locations only one street away.  

To make sure that these pedestrian connections are most effective there location will be structured by a few rules, for example:
  • aligning pedestrian connections from one block to another;
  • aligning pedestrian connections with T-intersections;
  • providing pedestrian connections at dead ends; and,
  • providing multiple pedestrian connections to important community amenities such as parks and open space. 
The safety of these connections (particularly where they meet the sidewalk/roadway) will be addressed by their design features, for example:
  • site distance;
  • signage; and,
  • rumble strips.

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